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Val Vavilov

Founder CEO

Val Vavilov is the CEO, founder and Chairman of the Bitfury Group – the world’s leading emerging technologies company. Val's entrepreneurial experience and passion for blockchain led him to found the company in 2011, when blockchain was just beginning to capture the world’s attention and imagination. Val focused first on the hardware solutions that would ensure security and trust in the Bitcoin Blockchain, leading Bitfury to develop eight generations of cutting-edge chips and state-of-the-art data center designs. Prior to founding Bitfury, Val spent more than 15 years in a variety of technical and leadership positions.

Maya Ben Charlotte

Head of Investment Strategy

Head of Investment Strategy and Bitfury-miners Executive Chairman. He directs and manages the execution of the company’s overall investment strategy, maintains the firm's global economic forecast and advises its portfolio managers on key themes and risks.

Jordan Smith Connor

Financial Expert

With extensive past experience as a technology executive, product leader, and architect who has built innovative technology at-scale for the world’s largest financial institutions..